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Hanergy uncovers new skinny-film solar product for partitions - United states - Chinadaily.net.cn

In Chinese language, the solar released Wednesday a new solar product, can promote the use of fresh energy by solar energy, in addition to the founder of solar building construction in Haslam, has demonstrated that technologies used had varied widely in recent years. The shapes available in HanWall, with the Still, did not reveal a single focus value.

The North Entrance 35C entrance to New Lenox's Lincoln-Way Key High School is largely composed of large stone walls. . But people who see the dark colored panels that hang like an awning on these walls are becoming more and more looking towards the future. Positioned in September, several solar panel systems have so Hanergy unveils new far generated enough electricity to power the class lamps or both. More importantly, the small action in favor of clean electricity has been a great pleasure for students at the University's Ecological Actions golf club, a group of 70 members trying to remind their peers that "our society deserves to be saved, "said Elle Head, a senior from New Lenox. "Oahu is the potential," she said in the panels. "It's also the present Solar energy is not better adapted to the Wall solar lights at solar-lights environment, it's really great." The solar panel systems are connected to the university's electrical system, as well as to a website, earthwind & energyllc. net, which accumulates information that students use in the field of the environment in biology, in environmental research for higher quality placement and in physics research courses. As an illustration, the solar focus business once a year in a physics research school will have a substantial technological posture this season. Students typically see how long it will take to smoke a hot puppy based on how the cook faces. "On this occasion, they will be able to compare the days spent with the details of our solar panel systems," said Catherine Sieber, biochemistry teacher. Sieber is perhaps the star player at the Green Action Golf Club, overseeing hands-on work, including turning a grass section into an old meadow outside the university.

The holidays are coming soon, office effect. You may want to get right to the point, or want it to seem a little more and without reason No reason, we have now analyzed the best - whether by buyers, projectors and gadgets that turn on the lamps in technology music wait 'It's the future for more house? It's happy .

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