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RSS news feeds

News feeds for MIMS online.

What are newsfeeds and RSS?

RSS is an easy way to keep updated on the news that is of interest to you.

Instead of having to go to websites to find out the latest news or articles, you can use RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to keep you posted with the latest website news and articles from MIMS and GP Online.

How do I use RSS?

RSS uses a 'feed reader' or 'aggregator' program to gather RSS Feeds. There are many to choose from and modern browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 have RSS aggregators built-in.

Whenever you see the RSS icon simply click or copy the URL of the feed to your preferred RSS reader to subscribe. You will then be updated with the latest news as it becomes available on the website.

To find an RSS address, click below:

  • News: all news articles from MIMS.

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