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66 new cases of COVID-twenty in Mt

The Butte-Silver Sterling arc being office 10 new situations Wednesday they consist of 3 ladies two men beginning their recent situation would mention that household connected 66 new cases group as a liberation. consider several situations received Community.

Sterling Silver Butte ribbon and bow health officials on Thursday presented that there is a Community indication of the coronavirus history, it means they are unable to search in which many recent situations have developed the virus. "We are not able to link some of our modern situations of research, as well as other situations or groups, we must declare it to the community is a strong indication of malware Sterling Silver Butte tape and the bow, "said Betty Sullivan, the officer of health of the county. Despite signs of community spread in the room, Sullivan said the Health Section has hired a lot to talk tracers and call center staff to help manage the situation. "Medical Office, fortunately, has recently acquired the Care Act bowcases.us income that allows us in your function," said Sullivan. "The use of these funds, we could keep the temporary employees who support us in your morning operations in the morning. " She said that the section of the temporary staff of Education to conduct talk screening, involving the search for anyone who might have been attacked by someone who has recently been informed that they have twenty Covid therefore associated may quarantine, get tested preventing further spread. "It's just a general approach to the proven public Montana reports 66 health which regulates the spread of the disease," said Sullivan. At the same time, the Rated section 3 new cases of Covid-twenty, bringing caseload County to 103 with 25 active cases. .

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